Our Manifesto:

The LGBTQ Arts review is an online space with a focus on promoting  LGBTQ+ artists and work, as well as Queer Theatre and Drag Performance.

We are interested in all performance that deviates away from heteronormative and / or a cisgendered or binary narrative / characters and artists.

Although we don’t wish to see this work pigeonholed, we are keen to celebrate the contribution the LGBTQ community make to the arts, and ensure that there is an online space for people seeking LGBTQ work to easily do so.

We publish interviews, features and reviews of such work.

Reviews have a 500 approx word count, as we believe it’s important to provide accessible, easy to read reviews, which offer our audience an overview of the work we’ve seen, and hopefully offer some insight as to whether or not they think it will suit their tastes.  Interviews can be done in person, by phone or as an email Q and A, if you would like to book an interview please email us at: lgbtqarts@outlook.com

How YOU can help the LGBTQ Arts and Culture Review:

Firstly, this site is not exclusively for the LGBTQ community.  By no means.  We hope that there will be a little bit of something on here for everyone; whoever you are, whoever you love, what’s most important to us is that you’ll have a life long love affair with the theatre and the arts – so get looking and find the theatre on here that suits you.

For this to take off, the network and community of LGBTQ arts needs to build.  Ways you can help this happen:

  • Share our Twitter handle: @lgbtqarts ,  why not give us a #ff, or share our handle with any friends you know that may be interested in us?
  • Share our Facebook page, you should be able to invite your friends to like the page too.  That way, whenever we publish articles / reviews / listings, people will get them direct to their newsfeed.
  • Spread the word, so that LGBTQ artists and those making work with these themes can get in touch with us.  We can offer them coverage, promotion and support.
  • Become a contributor.  We’re currently putting together a team of writers to blog / review / research – to bring what they feel they can to the website.  So whether you fancy applying to become a contributor or know someone else who may be great for this, get them to email: lgbtqarts@outlook.com to express an interest.  (Please note all roles are currently unpaid.)

Amie Taylor

Editor The LGBTQ Arts Review


Cover Photo: (C) Jenifer Toksvig 2013

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